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Recent research has shown that a little over 20% of all consumer spending is now done online! More and more consumers are using the Internet, to not just get information about a

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Our website optimisation expertise will ensure that your website is found by potential customers and clients when they search the web.

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Establishing an effective Internet presence with an attractive website can help you reach a wider market for your business…

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Website Design for Dentists specialise in creating websites for Dentist practices and websites for Dentists throughout Ireland and in providing web hosting for Dentist websites.


Website Optimisation Packages

Website Optimisation Packages
We have developed a number of fixed price SEO packages &

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Link Building

Link Popularity refers to the number of links pointing TO your site FROM other sites on the Web. Search Engines, including Google, interpret these links as 'votes' of popularity or confidence in your website. The more quality links which your website has the more authoritative the Search Engines will think that your site is.


When it comes to ranking websites on the Search Engines Results pages, the number of inbound links is one factor which will be taken in to account.


Building these links is one of the most important factors in improving your website's Google PR and helps to improve your website optimisationand get your website to the top on search engines' results pages.

Building links through reciprocal link exchanges is a simple but time consuming website promotional tool. If the inbound links are not from quality website the exercise might also be a waste of that time!


link building


If done correctly, increasing the number of inbound links to your website will:


  • Increase your site's Google Page Rank
  • Improve your visibility in the search engines.
  • Provide an added resource to your website.
  • May increase traffic to your site.
  • Could save you a lot of advertising money.
  • Save you time.


Unfortunately, while the links themselves may be free, there is a cost to getting them in terms of TIME. It takes time to:


  • Develop meaningful content
  • Publish it
  • Contribute to online fora
  • Syndicate your content.


Link building is time consuming for an individual web site owner. However, offers link building services which can help.


Call us to discuss your website's requirements. eBusiness and Website Design can develop your website for you, redesign an existing website or carry out website optimisation and Search Engine Optimisation on your existing website content to ensure that you are found online by potential


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SEO & Optimisation articles

Our website optimisation expertise will ensure that your website is found by potential customers and clients when they search the web. We can develop your online presence from scratch or work to improve your current web site content, redesign your website or carry out website optimisation to make your website more Search Engine friendly.


Our Website Design, SEO & Website Optimisation services will:

  • Provide you with an attractive website
  • Help you develop new marketing channels
  • Improve Search Engine Rankings & SEO
  • Improve your Web Site performance
  • Optimise your site Content & Structure
  • Enhance the Usability of your website.
  • Win you more business - Guaranteed!


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