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Recent research has shown that a little over 20% of all consumer spending is now done online! More and more consumers are using the Internet, to not just get information about a

SEO Tips & Techniques

Our website optimisation expertise will ensure that your website is found by potential customers and clients when they search the web.

Website Optimisation News

Establishing an effective Internet presence with an attractive website can help you reach a wider market for your business…

Website Optimisation and Website Design in Cork

Contact for SEO Cork, Website Optimisation

Website Design for Dentists specialise in creating websites for Dentist practices and websites for Dentists throughout Ireland and in providing web hosting for Dentist websites.


Website Optimisation Packages

Website Optimisation Packages
We have developed a number of fixed price SEO packages &

Website Redesign

Website Optimisation, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) & Design

website optimization offers Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), e-Business consulting, website design, web development, web site hosting and website optimisation services in Ireland from our offices in Kilkenny, Waterford, Cork and Carlow. We are dedicated to providing high-quality professional website design and website optimisation services, regardless of the size of your business or project. As part of the Web Design service we can also provide website & email management and web hosting.

SEO Kilkenny

We provide Guaranteed Website Optimisation & Search Engine Optimisation Services!

That's right, we guarantee that you will see improvements in the search engine ranking of your website following our website optimisation. Better search engine ranking and more visitors to your website- guaranteed! Read more about how to improve the performance of your website on our guaranteed search engine optimisation services page.


website optimisation articles

Useful Website Design & Website Optimisation Articles and Papers

We have developed a wide variety of papers and other reading material to help you make sense of the Internet, the website design process, website optimisation, Search Engine Optimisation, SEO and online marketing.


ecommerce website design

Web design / Optimisation / Marketing

Our web site design, website redesign, search engine optimisation and web site hosting services are customised to help our clients utilise Internet based technologies to grow their businesses in Ireland and around the World. Website Optimization will bring visitors to your site who are actively searching for your products! Our SEO services are based in Kilkenny.


website redesign Kilkenny

Is your website working for you? Do you need a new website?

Is your current website attracting enough visitors? Are those visitors buying online or contacting you?

Do you need a new website or a redesign of your existing site? can redesign your existing website.

Website optimization (WSO) is the process of reducing a web site's size and complexity to maximize website performance. Website optimization can also include search engine optimization which improves a website's performance in the Search Engines. Pay per click optimization to maximise the performance of a website's Ad campaigns and conversion rate optimization (getting more traffic to your website and sales from the website). Optimization should be a part of your overall website redesign process. offer expert website optimization services (website optimisation). Our SEO services are offered from our office in Kilkenny (see SEO Kilkenny for further details). eBusiness and Website Design can develop your website for you, redesign an existing website or carry out website optimisation and Search Engine Optimisation on your existing website content to ensure that you are found online by potential


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SEO & Optimisation articles

Our website optimisation expertise will ensure that your website is found by potential customers and clients when they search the web. We can develop your online presence from scratch or work to improve your current web site content, redesign your website or carry out website optimisation to make your website more Search Engine friendly.


Our Website Design, SEO & Website Optimisation services will:

  • Provide you with an attractive website
  • Help you develop new marketing channels
  • Improve Search Engine Rankings & SEO
  • Improve your Web Site performance
  • Optimise your site Content & Structure
  • Enhance the Usability of your website.
  • Win you more business - Guaranteed!


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