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Recent research has shown that a little over 20% of all consumer spending is now done online! More and more consumers are using the Internet, to not just get information about a

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Our website optimisation expertise will ensure that your website is found by potential customers and clients when they search the web.

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Establishing an effective Internet presence with an attractive website can help you reach a wider market for your business…

Website Optimisation and Website Design in Cork

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Website Design for Dentists specialise in creating websites for Dentist practices and websites for Dentists throughout Ireland and in providing web hosting for Dentist websites.


Website Optimisation Packages

Website Optimisation Packages
We have developed a number of fixed price SEO packages &

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Web Design Process

Phase I - Website Planning and Design Brief


The first phase of your Website project is information gathering and research.


We need to clearly document the details of your company, who your target market is, your expectations of what the Website will do as well as what content you want included (architecture or site map).


Phase II - Website Architecture and Design


Once the requirements for your website have been clearly documented, we need to develop the Website architecture (site map) and the design of a prototype of your Website. This stage of the process will include mock-ups of navigation, content and graphical placeholders.


Our designers use the Website Design Brief document which you filled out to develop a site with the 'look and feel' you require. When drafts of the design have been completed they will be sent to you for comment or sign-off. At this stage the designer can make changes to the draft design until you are completely satisfied with the design of your Website.


Phase III - Website Development and Content Creation


Once we have sign-off on the website design (for all page designs) we can proceed to website development. At this stage the draft designs are sliced into code and this code is used to create the templates from which all pages will be built.


these templates (and stylesheets) can be used to create 'static' HTML pages or they can be incorporated into the Content Management System of your site.


while the site is being built, it is normally available for review in a temporary location on the Internet (at


Phase IV - Website Deployment and Testing


Once development has been completed and all of the pages of the site are populated with content (provided by you) the site is ready to go for final approval by you.

Once this has been received the site is ready to be made live on its own domain on the Internet. Final testing when the site is live will ensure that nothing was missed earlier in the development process and that every link is working etc.




  • Project lead in time: (i.e. from Order confirmation to commencement) is currently circa 1 - 2 weeks).
  • Project Kick off: 2-3 days to include briefing and collection of required assets and information to allow design to commence.
  • Design Concept: approx 1 week.
  • Web site development: (subject to design approval and all content being available): 2 weeks
  • Customer Acceptance: 1-2 weeks allowed depending on client availability. eBusiness and Website Design can develop your website for you, redesign an existing website or carry out website optimisation and Search Engine Optimisation on your existing website content to ensure that you are found online by potential


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SEO & Optimisation articles

Our website optimisation expertise will ensure that your website is found by potential customers and clients when they search the web. We can develop your online presence from scratch or work to improve your current web site content, redesign your website or carry out website optimisation to make your website more Search Engine friendly.


Our Website Design, SEO & Website Optimisation services will:

  • Provide you with an attractive website
  • Help you develop new marketing channels
  • Improve Search Engine Rankings & SEO
  • Improve your Web Site performance
  • Optimise your site Content & Structure
  • Enhance the Usability of your website.
  • Win you more business - Guaranteed!


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